MyGiftCardSite Prepaid Gift Cards: Learn More Here!

There are two common types of prepaid gift cards- MasterCard or Visa. There’s a chance that you might have purchased a MasterCard or Visa prepaid gift card for yourself or a loved on. These cards are generally issued by the United States Bank and so the advantage you get with them is that you can use these MyGiftCardSite prepaid gift cards anywhere and everywhere; the only condition is that the stores should be accepting Visa or MasterCards according to the retailer’s company policies. And because these prepaid gift cards are so common, the world is your shopping center.

MyGiftCardSite Prepaid Gift Cards

MyGiftCardSite prepaid gift cards

You should learn a little more about the basics of MyGiftCardSite prepaid gift cards then; These prepaid gift cards can be charged for a range of various amounts that include $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 and a whopping $100. Some cards will even allow you to charge them with $500. However, the problem is that the MyGiftCardSite prepaid gift cards whether they are Visa or MasterCard; they are not rechargeable or reloadable. This means they come with an expiration date and so all amount in your card should be used before the expiry date of the gift card.

MyGiftCardSite Prepaid Gift Cards

If you wish to use your MyGiftCardSite prepaid gift cards online, you do not get that facility automatically. Instead, you will have to register your Visa or MasterCard online. You can do this very easily by visiting MyGiftCardSite right now. In order to register your card for online purchases, you will need simple information such as your security code, your card number, your address, accurate full name and then you should specify whether or not you wish to avail online shopping and purchases with your MyGiftCardSite prepaid gift cards. This will allow online merchants to get information fast and the billing and shipping address of your purchases will be on the address that is linked to your gift cards.

MyGiftCardSite Prepaid Gift Cards Restrictions

There are a few limitations that you might come across when you use your prepaid gift cards:

MyGiftCardSite Prepaid Gift Cards

  • A balance that is less than $75 will not allow you to directly charge your card at a gas station. You will have to provide your card to an attendant.
  • At restaurants, a 20% tip will be added to your bill if you dine in with 6 or more people.

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